Looking for another way to alter a Dom7 chord, I combined the concepts of triad pairs and tritone substitution to create a hexatonic (6-note) scale. The scales below are for G7 and use the G major (G-B-D) and Db major (Db-F-Ab) triads. When the notes are arranged linearly, you get the scale G-Ab-B-Db-D-F or 1-b9-3-#11-5-b7 resulting in a G7(#11,b9) sound. I’m thinking of the Db enharmonically as C#, thus the #11 instead of b5. Download the PDF here for the notation or scroll down past the video to view the JPEGs.

This scale will give you three distinct modal patterns for guitar:

1st Mode – based off the root of each triad (G and Db)

2nd Mode – based off the 3rd of each triad (B and F)

3rd Mode – based off the 5th of each triad (D and Ab)

Fingerings of each mode are the same ascending & descending and are notated on the modes of G. Other fingering options are possible and should be explored. On the video, I played the modes based off the scale, not the triads. The order is listed below showing the first note of each mode.